Apple partners with Gallaudet University to Provide Additional learning channels

Apple has agreed to a multi-faceted collaboration with Gallaudet University to provide career options, learning opportunities and technology to students.

The university intends to provide faculty and students with an Apple Pencil, Smart Folio and an iPad Pro as teaching and learning tools. The Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center is included in the program.

Gallaudet will be supporting scholarships to support students who want to learn coursework and pursue degrees in technology, computer science, information technology and mathematics. The university will also be the first to provide them to students of color with disabilities.

In addition, Apple intends for the university students to participate in the WWDC, along with a program that recruits individuals to work in Apple Carnegie Library. Currently, the Apple Store has 30 employees in the hard of hearing and deaf community, with most of them Gallaudet alumni or students.

Clerc Center, Gallaudet and Apple Carnegie Library are developing customized sessions, programming and training for K-12 teachers, faculty, staff and students.

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