Apple partners with LumiHealth on health initiative ad

Apple has recently worked with LumiHealth in producing an ad to promote healthy habits in Singapore.

LumiHealth is a program from Apple and Singapore which encourages Singaporeans to create and engage in healthy habits. The ad spot is exactly a minute long and starts with a man getting in a bus and seeing ‘S’ shaped icons, known as ‘Lumipoints’ from people who exercise, eat healthy, meditate and more.


The video is posted on the YouTube channel of Singapore’s Health Promotion Board, accompanied by a social media post by Health Strategic Initiatives content producer Kenneth Teng.

LumiHealth’s partnership with Apple is through the Apple Watch app offering health and wellness challenges over the course of two years. The apps in the device offer tasks, activity coaching, programs and reminders depending on the wearer’s weight, gender and age.

The initiative offers users up to $284 if they keep up with the challenges, and vouchers on various merchant goods if they complete the tasks.