Apple May Partner with United Airlines to Upgrade SFO Terminal


Bloomberg reports that United Airlines and Apple are engaged in a business deal in regards to upgrading the airport’s SFO terminals.

Apple Partners with United Airlines to Upgrade SFO Terminal

Executive VP of United Airlines Linda Jojo has commented that they are in partnership with Apple, and that the Apple team has been around the lobbies, customer service and baggage hold areas. Furthermore, the VP says that she was being vague deliberately as she spoke during the company’s media day.

In January, it was leaked that the United Airline’s biggest customer was Apple at a $150 million per annum spend. When the deal pushes through, we can probably expect the same kind of aesthetics and design in the business class seats and airport terminals. As Apple regularly books these seats, its employees can enjoy the refresh as much as anyone else.

United Airlines is one of Apple’s biggest customers as well, purchasing thousands of devices and collaborating with IBM and Apple on enterprise apps.


Samantha Wiley

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