Apple wants to make its presence felt in the movie industry, and as such they intend to release films for their Apple TV+ platforms on cinemas weeks before it gets showcased in the TV app.

Apple Plans To Release Its Movies Weeks Before They Go Live on Apple TV+

This move intends to draw out producers and directors to creating content that not only goes live on Apple TV+, but also in traditional theaters as well. It also goes against Netflix’s edict that both cinemas and service should have the content at the same time. Moreover, the movies that get shown in theaters will have a chance to win Emmy awards and Oscars.

The Elephant Queen is Apple’s first foray into the theaters, which will air on November 1. Apple’s first major film, On The Rocks is set to be launched and may have a Cannes Film Festival debut.

Though profitable, the main idea behind the strategy is to gather top Hollywood talent for Apple’s content and for the producers to get a chance to win prestigious awards.


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