Apple Platform Security Guide gets new updates

Apple’s Platform Security Guide has recently had new additions, namely the iMac Magic Keyboard and Touch ID and unlocking the Apple Watch on iOS 14.5.

The new guide outlines the Mac unlocking mechanism when paired with a Magic Keyboard, and says how the PKA block and Secure Enclave in both devices work together to check each other’s identities. After a successful pairing traffic is encrypted and secured. Apple also mentioned that the unique key is similar to a built-in fingerprint sensor and the Secure Enclave.


The Cupertino-based company now has a guide on how the ‘Unlock with Apple Watch’ works in iOS 14.5. iPhone owners can now unlock their phones even when they’re wearing a mask, thanks to the auto unlock mechanism, specifically the STS or station to station protocol. After a successful pairing, both ephemeral and unique keys are accessed every time an unlock is requested.

In February Platform Security Guide was updated with topics regarding password monitoring, car key security, Apple Silicon and more.