Apple pledges donation in California wildfire relief efforts


Tim Cook, Apple CEO has sent a statement that the company will be donating to aid relief efforts in recent California wildfires.

Apple Pledges Donation

Governor Gavin Newsom has put California in a state of emergency when fires broke out in several cities. The National Interagency Fire Center was put on high alert as more than 90 separate fire incidents were tallied.


Cook mentioned on Twitter that Apple will be donating to the local relief efforts. Furthermore, the CEO advised people to stay safe, and to evacuate when ordered by local authorities.

The source of the fires were presumably 10,000 lightning strikes in the past 4 days, with air quality being affected in the Bay Area. Authorities estimate that Cal Fire will need a thousand more personnel and 125 fire engines to get things under control.

The Cupertino-based company recently gave money to aid organizations tasked with rebuilding Beirut after an explosion rocked the city.

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