Apple pledges more donations to West Coast firefighters


Tim Cook, Apple CEO has recently announced that Apple will be donating more money towards recovery and firefighting efforts in the West Coast.

West Coast Firefighters

The first donation was on August 19 when more than 300 fires started with a lightning storm, affecting areas in Sonoma County, Napa County, Santa Cruz County and Santa Clara County. Though most of the fires have been put out, the dry condition and hot weather sparked continued where the others left off.


Southern and Northern California are currently fighting off serious fires in Madera and Fresno, believed to have burned more than 150,000 acres. Both Washington and Oregon are also experiencing severe fires that have burned more than one million acres in total.

California’s fire season is expected to continue in October, where prevailing conditions such as low humidity, high temperature and high winds contribute to dry brush ignition. Apple continues to donate to the relief and recovery efforts since 2017.

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