Apple Poised to Enter India’s Online Market

Apple is set to enter India’s online smartphone market due to the country’s relaxing of sourcing requirements and foreign company policies.

The news about the lower requirements came in July- Nirmala Sitharaman, Finance Minister has stated that local sourcing norms shall be eased. Apple has been advocating against the regulation that says foreign companies must source at least 30 percent of their production locally to successfully open a retail store.

Now that the floodgates are opened, Apple is expected to sell the Mac, iPad and iPhone. The move to open an Apple Store in Mumbai is already in the works.

The easing of regulations is good news for Apple as its sales in India have dropped in Q1 of 2019. Before, clicking on a product in Apple’s India website will redirect the user to an Authorized Apple reseller, but this can change in the coming months.

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