Apple postpones March event due to Coronavirus outbreak

According to the sources at Apple, who spoke to the Cult of Mac, Apple has postponed the rumored March event. Apple was likely to introduce new iPhone and iPad Pro models in that event. 

Several other issues led to this decision. The biggest reason was the impact of coronavirus in California and other areas. According to the sources, Apple was concerned about bringing together more than 1,000 people for the event. There was a rumor in February that Apple will plan this event in late March, but Apple has canceled that event. 

The sources at Cult of Mac told that Apple never sent out invitations to the long-rumored event. This decision of Apple not conducting the event comes because of Santa Clara County Public Health Department’s order on Monday of banning the mass gatherings between March 11 and April 1. This order was also a significant factor in canceling the long-awaited event at the Apple Park. 

Seeing this, it seems that Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, which typically takes place in June, is also in jeopardy. It is an event that attracts more than 5,000 developers. However, as of now, the Santa Clara ban does not include the month of June. But if the coronavirus condition does not get under control, Apple might also choose to cancel that event.

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