Earlier the Society for Information Display unveiled the 2020 display industry award winners. These were the 26th Annual Display Industry Awards. The top of the list was again Apple with its brilliant Apple Pro Display XDR with two others at the top. 

Apple Pro Display XDR

The Pro Display XDR by Apple was one of the three displays that received the “Displays of the Year” award. The other two were the BOE’s dual-cell LCD panel and Samsung’s foldable display. These displays offer better contrast ratio, improved color depth, and minimum brightness as compared to traditional LCDs. 

The Pro Display XDR by Apple is an amazing 32-inch screen. It has a 6K resolution that has more than 20 million pixels. Apple has designed this display for those professionals who need accuracy in every aspect of the display. It is a great choice for animators, 3d designers, video editors, photographers, etc. the display features 1600 nits brightness and a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

Apple has been receiving the best display award for a long time and is a Society for Information Display’s awards’ regular honoree. Last year Apple won the display awards for Apple Watch Series 4. Also, two years ago, Apple won the display awards for the iPhone X and the iPad Pro.


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