Apple producing face shields after donating 20 million masks


Earlier today Apple CEO, Tim Cook shared a video message on his twitter account on the ongoing pandemic. Tim Cook told that Apple has donated more than 20 million masks and is now working with the government to ensure that the masks reach the medical professionals.


In the message, he also said that the design and supply, operations and engineering team is also working on face shields for medical professionals. Apple is trying hard to produce and also to ship these face shields. According to Cook, it only takes a couple of minutes to assemble the face shields. 

These shields are foldable. Each box of the shields can contain a 100 shields packed flat. As of now, Apple will ship the shield masks to the USA medical facilities. However, Apple has plans to ship these shields on a global scale. It is a great initiative by Apple. Apple has been fighting the pandemic in every way possible.  

According to the sources the first batch of face shields has been shipped to Santa Clara based “Kaiser” medical facilities. It is reported that the feedback from them was quite positive. Apple will design and produce more face shields to help the medical workers stay safe from the COVID-19. 

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