Apple program gives 35,000 iPad Airs to California uni students

A new program called CSUCCESS, or California State University Connectivity Contributing to Equity and Student Success will provide 35,000 iPad Airs to transfer and first year students within the state’s school system.

Joseph Castro, CSU Chancellor said that CSUCCESS will provide students with access to mobile and innovative tools to support learning, particular those who have been affected by the pandemic. The initiative establishes a foundation and plays a role in eliminating gaps in equity among the diverse and talented university students.

iPad Airs

Susan Prescott, Apple VP of Education and Enterprise said that Apple believes education is a powerful force for opportunity and equity, and technology can empower students to fulfill their goals. Prescott further mentioned that the iPad Air and educational apps in the App Store will play a central role in CSU campuses, notably in the career development and learning of the students.

Students can get the iPad Air as they register as transfer or first year students in any of CSU’s campuses.