Apple Promotes New Photo App Feature ‘Memories’ with Maroon 5


One of the new things in iOS 13 is the updated Photos app, which now sports interface changes and curation features to make it easier to re-discover your old pictures. Apple has taken things further by having Maroon 5 shake things up with a promotional soundtrack.

Apple Promotes New Photo App Feature 'Memories' with Maroon 5

iOS 13 users who access the new Photos app will now be able to create videos that’s made up of old pictures. What’s more, you will be able to choose the new ‘Memories’ song by Maroon 5 as the soundtrack.

Maroon 5 fans should have a field day with the band’s new single as soon as they hit ‘Play’ on the Memories movie.

To get started, tap the Photos app as soon as you’ve updated to iPadOS 13 or iOS 13, then head to the For You tab. Create curated memories and tap ‘Edit’ to choose Maroon 5 under ‘Soundtracks’ and in the Pop category.

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