Apple Promotes Veterans App Healium

Today is Veterans Day, and Apple is celebrating it by posting information about an augmented reality app that’s helping veterans cope with anxiety.

The Cupertino-based company has shared a story about how US Navy Commander Steve Mills use Healium to deal with anxiety. In another part of the U.S., Sarah Hill, a TV journalist was experiencing panic attacks that came from reporting tragedies and violence for around twenty years.

Apple Promotes Veterans App Healium

Sarah collaborated with licensed psychologist Dr. Jeff Tarrant and they came up with a program using electrodes and a laptop. Then, she quit journalism and began work at a veterans organization, where AR and VR technology helped them relax.

Hill went back to Tarrant and developed an AR-based app, which was Healium. The stress-relieving system then made its way to the App Store.

Healium costs $4.99 at the App Store. Interested users can try the app and download it today.