Apple is rejecting Coronavirus Apps that are not from government or health organizations

According to Apple developers who told CNBC, Apple is now rejecting all the apps related to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak that is not from the government organizations or hospitals. 

Apple has always been cautious about the developers who upload apps to the store. Recently four independent developers told CNBC that Apple rejected their apps. The reason for the rejection was simple; these apps were not from government institutions such as hospitals or health organizations. The developers told that their apps allowed people to see the stats about the coronavirus in various countries. 

Apple is Rejecting Coronavirus Apps That Are Not From Government or Health Organizations

CNBC told that some developers also asked to remain anonymous to ensure there were no future complications with Apple. One of the developers said the news that an Apple employee told him over the phone that an official health organization or government should release anything that you develop, any information that you mention in the app about coronavirus. 

The top search result for coronavirus COV-ID 19 on the App store is a virus tracker from Healthlynked that uses World Health Organization data.

According to CNBC, Apple responded to another developer in writing, saying, “Apps with information about current medical information need to be submitted by a recognized institution.” It is not only Apple, but many other tech giants are also trying hard to ensure that there is no false information about coronavirus on the web or the app stores.