Apple releases data protection safety guide


Apple has recently published a guide on how people can protect their personal data from other people.


Apple has been a proponent of privacy for some time now, with its latest endeavor being the integration of ‘nutrition labels’ on the App Store.

Now, the Cupertino-based company has published a document titled ‘Device and Data Access When Personal Safety is at Risk’, which explains all security options and how people can use them.

On Apple’s support site the description reads, ‘if you’re concerned that someone is accessing your information you did not share from your Apple device, this guide will also help you identify risks’. Furthermore, the text says that the guide can walk the individual through steps to make technology as secure and private as they want.

The document contains a checklist of keeping location private, stop sharing and preventing access as well as sections about privacy settings and location tracking. Those who are interested can view the guide on the official Apple website.

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