Apple releases fifth beta of macOS Catalina 10.15.4 to developers


Apple released the fifth beta of the upcoming macOS 10.15.4 update. Apple released the beta to its developers for testing purposes. 


The users can download The ‌‌macOS Catalina‌‌ using the Software Update mechanism in System Preferences when they install proper software from the Developer Center.  There are several new updates with this new beta version of the ‌macOS Catalina‌ 10.15.4.

The updates include Screen Time Communication Limits. It also has a new Head Pointer Accessibility option. With this option, the users can control the cursor with head movements using Mac’s camera. 

The macOS 10.15.4 update also includes Real-time lyrics. It is the iOS 13 features that the users will have in the Mac. This feature allows the lyrics for a song to scroll in real-time to the music. 

There are also several references to the AMD processors in the new update. It leads to speculation that Apple is working on AMD based Macs. However, it can mean that it is only for internal testing rather than the AMD Mac. 

Apple is also adding a universal purchase option for iOS apps and macOS. It will allow users to purchase a single app that will work across multiple Apple platforms.


Samantha Wiley

Samantha is a senior news editor at iLounge. She has been covering the technology industry for over five years, writing about Apple, Google, and other major companies. Samantha has also worked as a reporter and editor for several other publications.