Apple releases fourth betas of iPad OS and iOS 13.5 with developers

Earlier today Apple released the fourth betas of iPad OS and iOS 13.5 with developers. This release comes a week after releasing third betas. 

The developers can download the new fourth beta from the Apple developer center. They can also download the new betas over the air if they have the developer profile installed. This new release introduces the Apple and Google’s exposure notification API. The API is designed to help the authorities stop the spread of coronavirus. 

Apple Releases Fourth Betas
fourth betas of iPad OS

This new exposure notification API is only for health-related apps. It allows the users to participate in the exposure notifications. However, if the users do not want to participate in the exposure notifications they can use the settings app to opt-out and not participate. 

Besides providing the exposure notification it also makes it easy to unlock the iOS devices. With this new update, the users can also unlock their iPhone with a passcode wearing a mask. Also, with this update, the passcode pops up more quickly when it recognizes that the users are wearing a mask. The user can then swipe upward to enter the code. There are also several other updates with this new beta release.