Apple releases Golden Master version of iPadOS and iOs 13.5 for developers


Earlier Apple released the Golden Master version of the iOS and iPadOS 13.5 to the developers. This release comes after one week of releasing fourth betas iOS and iPadOS 13.5. The Golden Master version is the one that denotes the final version which Apple releases for the public. 

Golden Master Version of iPadOS and iOs 13.5

The developers can download the new update from Apple Developer Center. This new update introduces the Apple Google exposure notification API. It also allows the users to unlock the iPhone with a passcode. 

The GM version also gives a tweak to the Group FaceTime calls. It has a new toggle option available which users can use to disable the feature that enlarges the tile of the person speaking.

Golden Master on iPad

The FaceTime portion in the settings has an “Automatic Prominence” section. Upon disabling everyone who is on the FaceTime call will be shown in a grid with equal size. The users can then tap on the tile to enlarge it. 

There is also a new feature in the iOS 13.5 which allows the users to automatically share medical ID information with the emergency dispatchers when they place an emergency call. The Golden Master update also fixes the bugs such as the one that crashes the iPhone when sharing a specific string in the Sindhi Language. It also addresses the issues of personal hotspot.

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