Apple releases iOS 13.5 Beta 3 and Xcode 11.5 Beta with support for COVID-19 exposure notification API


Apple is releasing the third beta for iOS 13.5 (for developers) and also the first beta of the Xcode 11.5. Both these updates will include changes in the code. The new update has the necessary code that will allow the iOS to run exposure notification API. Apple also includes a new iOS SDK with the exposure notification API in its Xcode 11.5 release. 

Apple Releases iOS 13.5

This new update is currently only for developers and not for the public. Google has also released the new beta update for Google Play Services which now also includes exposure notification API and a new SDK. The developers can now Android Developer Studio to test the new update. 

The new API works for both iOS and Android OS. This new update also ensures that there is a mew random identifier for each device. This random identifier changes every15 minutes. This identifier is assigned to the phone. The identifier doesn’t have any personal information on it. the app does not share this information with the state or the medical authorities.

Apple and Google also have plans to release more information that will help the developers to understand how the exposure notification system operates. Apple and Google will also release sample code which the developers can use to understand the working of the new system. 

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