Apple Releases Revamped ‘Everyone Can Code’ Platform

Apple has updated its ‘Everyone can Code‘ curriculum to accommodate middle school and elementary classrooms around the globe.

The revamped platform now has new student guides, teacher’s resources and new Swift Coding Club content. The Coding Club platform now has more activities and interactive puzzles to engage the students and make coding an applicable part in their daily lives.

Apple Releases Revamped 'Everyone Can Code' Platform

Apple has added Puzzles for news students within Swift Playgrounds, with each chapter allowing students to learn core coding concepts and new techniques. The guide for teachers will provide instructors much-needed tools to bring coding easily in schools.

5,000-plus schools and millions of students will now gain access to the curriculum. What’s more, Apple will be offering Today at Apple coding sessions, which will be held in stores from December 1 to 15.

Some retail stores will offer special coding sessions for pre-school kids via a Helpsters Coding Lab.