Apple has released an update for the Safari Technology Preview.  The STP is Apple’s experimental browser which was first introduced back in March 2016.  The purpose of the release of Apple Safari Technology preview was to test the features which Apple will introduce in the future versions of the Safari Browser.

Safari Technology Preview 107

Apple released the Safari Technology Preview 107. This update includes several bug fixes and also a few performance improvements for the Web API, Web Inspector, Rendering, CSS, Media, IndexedDB, Scrolling, Web Animations, JavaScript, Accessibility, Async Clipboard API, and improvements in the CSS Grid.

The users of both macOS Catalina and macOS Mojave can download the new Safari Technology Preview update. macOS Catalina is the latest version of macOS that Apple released in October 2019.

The users can also apply the Safari Technology Preview update using the Software Update mechanism which is available in the Mac App Store. Apple has also shared the complete releases notes on the official website of Safari Technology Preview.

This new update aims to get feedback from the users and the developers. The users and developers can run the Safari Technology Preview and the Safari Browser side-by-side giving them a better idea about the differences in the new update and the previous version. Although the Safari Technology Preview 107 is meant for developers, the users however will not require a developer account to download it.


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