Apple releases second beta of iPadOS and iOS 13.4.5

Earlier today Apple released the beta for iOS 13.4.5 and iPad OS for developers. This release comes 2 weeks after Apple released the first beta versions. 

The developers can download the iOS and ‌‌‌iPad‌‌‌ OS 13.4.5 from Apple Developer Center. The developers can also install this download this update over the air if they already have the proper software installed on their devices. 

iPadOS and iOS 13.4.5

This new update has more focus on fixing the bugs and smaller issues. It also makes some changes and small tweaks to the iOS and iPad OS. This beta release may also address the issue with personal HotSpot. This update can also fix the VPN-related vulnerabilities. 

This update also has more bug fixes related to iCloud Folder, iPad TrackPad and more. This new update also enhances the ability to share the Apple Music content directly on Facebook or Instagram. With this feature, the users can tap on the Share button to share the music on these two social networking sites. The information they share will also have the title of the song, the name of the album, and also a background. 

According to the sources, the iOS 13.4.5 might be the final update before Apple releases the iOS 14.