Apple releases a tool for mobility data trends to stop COVID-19 Spread


To mitigate the spread of coronavirus Apple today released a mobility data trends tool that uses information from the Apple Maps. The tool will offer insights to the health authorities and local governments to stop the spread of COVID-19.  

The data collected from Apple Maps shows the mobility trends of major cities across the globe. It covers major cities of 63 countries. The data is generated by using the requests the users make when asking for directions on Apple Maps. 

Apple releases a tool for mobility data trends to stop COVID-19 Spread

The data sets on mobility trends show people using public transport, walking, and self-driving. With this data, the users can now see how much change has occurred in the routing requests since January 13. This tool provides the users to search the requests made by the people since January 13 by country, city or region. 

Alongside the mobility trends tool, Apple has also put efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 through various other efforts. Apple has donated more than 30 million face masks for medical professionals. Last week in partnership with Google Apple is working on an App that will sue the Bluetooth technology to stop the spread of coronavirus. Apple has also partnered with the CDC to develop a COVID-19 screening App.

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