Apple removes ‘Designed by Apple in California’ book from Apple Store

Apple is no longer selling their book, titled ‘Designed by Apple in California’ on the Apple US Store.

While the company’s minisite of the book can still be accessed, all links leading to purchasing the book has become unavailable. A search on the App Store and on the official website yields zero results as well.

‘Designed by Apple in California’ features 20 years’ worth of product designs and shown through 450 photographs. Stocks have been fluctuating since June, which suggested that Apple has been limiting production. The book can still be bought in other countries, but the numbers are dwindling down.

‘Designed by Apple in California’ comes in two sizes and are priced $199 and $299. It covers product designs ranging from the 1998 Mac to the 2015 Apple Pencil, while documenting techniques and materials made by the design team that spans two decades. The book is dedicated to Steve Jobs, former Apple CEO.

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