Apple renames retail store in Scotland in support of racial justice


As the world is coming out and speaking against racism and calling for justice and equality for black people, Apple shows support for racial justice in a different way. Apple renames one of its stores in Scotland, the title which was associated with a slave owner.

Apple Renames Retail Store in Scotland

On Friday Apple renamed the Apple Buchanan Street store to Apple Glasgow. Apple made the name change official on its website. Apple does sometimes change the name of the store if the host shopping mall changes its name or if moved to another location.

However in this case the Glasgow location is still on Buchanan Street. Currently, the Apple Glasgow is closed due to the pandemic but will soon open as Apple seeks to reopen its stores in the UK.

Buchanan Street is named after Andrew Buchanan who was a famous businessman. Now as Apple changes the name of the store it means that Apple sides with those who are protesting against racism and slave owners.

 Apple made this move after Tim Cook announced the initiative of a $100 million Racial Equity and Justice. Earlier Tim Cook also posted a video on twitter talking about the current situation and how Apple fights for racial equality and justice.

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