Apple restricts its employees to travel to Italy and South Korea


Coronavirus has been affecting countries all across the globe. It has caused several problems and product production and releases delays for several companies around the world. Many companies are now restricting their employees to traveling to the couturiers where the outbreak is more severe. 

Apple Restricts its Employees to Travel to Italy and South Korea

Seeing the number of coronavirus cases increase over the past month in South Korea and Italy, Apple has restricted its employees from traveling there. South Korea and Italy are the two countries where the virus is spreading rapidly. 

Earlier, Apple restricted its employees from traveling to China, which is a major setback. The reason is that several engineers visit China during this time of the year to prepare the launch of new products. However, with the restrictions, we will see a low production of Apple products this year. 

According to a memo that Apple sent out to employees, which said, “we suggest you work with your managers to consider delaying or canceling business travel which could be postponed or managed through virtual meetings.”

Currently, Apple has one store in South Korea and 17 in Italy. None of these stores has shut down due to the outbreak. Apple has a single supplier in Italy and multiple suppliers in South Korea. One of the Apple suppliers LG Innotek, shutdown in South Korea.  

Currently, those employees who need to travel to these countries for business-critical reasons must have approval from the vice president of the company. Otherwise, Apple does not want coronavirus to affect their employees.

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