Apple Reveals Behind-the-Scenes on Apple TV+ Show ‘See’


Apple has recently shared a ‘behind the scenes’ feature on one of its original shows, ‘See’.

Apple Reveals Behind-the-Scenes on Apple TV+ Show 'See'

Apple TV+ launch show ‘See’ features Alfre Woodard and Jason Momoa in a post-apocalyptic setting where almost all of mankind are wiped out and where sight has become a myth among those who survived.

The video mainly focuses on the creation of the world, with director Francis Lawrence talking about how environments and buildings were constructed. The director says that the show employed blind advisors who provided invaluable insight on how people would interact with each other, live and make their buildings.

Apple TV+ has launched November 1 with a monthly cost of $4.99. Those who recently bought a new iPad, Mac, Apple TV, iPhone or iPod Touch can avail of the free Apple TV+ for a whole year. Currently, original shows include ‘The Morning Show’, ‘For All Mankind’, ‘Dickinson’ and others.

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