Apple has recently shared a behind the scenes look on its latest video series ‘Shot on iPhone’. The latest installment is Shot on iPhone Student Films, where student filmmakers are tasked with creating vertical video as their assignment.

Shot on iPhone Student Films

The video, which is about three and a half minutes long explores how the students use vertical video capture on their iPhones to create their own films. Some of the genres include stop-motion animation, magical realism, classic noir and others.

The vertical videos made use of the iPhone 12 as the capture medium. The students discussed how the iPhone and vertical perspective allowed them to play to its strengths and come up with focused shots and scenes. One mentioned how a small device like the iPhone has an advantage over DSLRs in that they fit where conventional cameras couldn’t.

The behind the scenes content does not come with the students’ finished work, and will be presented on January 19, 26 and 27 on Apple’s official YouTube channel.


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