Apple Reveals Details About AI Tool ‘Overton’

Today, Apple has given details about its Overton development tool, which helps machine learning and monitoring apps such as Siri determine query results, thereby allowing engineers to focus on higher concepts as the system helps with low-level tasks.

The ‘Overton’ framework is the creation of Apple engineers, designed to automate AI system training via high-level abstracts given by the developers. The Cupertino-based firm intends to use Overton to limit work by engineers and act as an engine that automates monitoring elements and chores.

Engineers have created Overton to interact without needing any code. Instead, the system reads from data payloads via input for AI model training and model tasks that tell Overton what to do.

The report says that Overton is the first machine learning management system of its kind that could improve and monitor application quality. Its obvious application is in conjunction with Siri, but touches on smaller details such as being able to ‘see’ dogs and cats in pictures on iOS 13.

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