Apple reveals new ‘Behind the Mac’ videos featuring Tyler Mitchell and James Blake

New ‘Behind the Mac’ videos have been uploaded to the official Apple channel on YouTube.

The focus of the videos show how creatives use their Mac for their workflows. One video features musician James Blake and the second features photographer Tyler Mitchell.

Apple’s Behind the Mac video shows how Tyler Mitchell completes his latest portrait series in the course of 24 hours. Viewers can see how Tyler goes through references, compiles a mood board, takes the photos and scans the images into his MacBook. Then, Tyler edits and puts on the finishing touches on his portraits in Photoshop.

The second video focuses on James Blake and the process behind the creation of ‘Ask For More’. Here, the Logic X Pro is highlighted as James writes, records and edits the song within 24 hours.

Both videos are under 4 minutes in length and can be viewed at the official Apple YouTube channel.

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