Apple Rolls Out AR Utility App on iPad and iPhone

Apple has officially launched its utility app called Reality Composer, which allows users to create their own AR experiences. Interactions and animations on Mac and iOS platforms can be built to enhance 3D content.

Reality Composer has the following features for those who may be interested in creating their own AR world.

Record & Play. Camera and sensor data may be recorded where the AR setting takes place and replay it at a later time.

Seamless Tools. As an iOS app and included with Xcode, Reality Composer is a standalone utility that can be used to create great AR experiences.

Audio & Animations. Animations such as spins and wiggles can be added, as well as the ability to move and scale the objects. You can also set what happens when a user comes close to it or taps it on his or her screen.

Built-in Library. The app has hundreds of virtual objects ready to be used and customized according to what you need.

Reality Composer is free to download at the App Store for both iPhone and iPad.

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