Apple has shared a new video on its official YouTube channel, dubbed ‘Life is But a Dream’.

iPhone Video

The new Shot on iPhone 13 Pro advertisement is roughly 22 minutes long and makes full use of the iPhone 13 Pro’s camera capabilities. ‘Life is But a Dream’ guides viewers through a man who awakened the ghost of a swordsman when he defiled an abandoned grave. The video is commissioned by Apple, with Park Chan-wook serving as the director.

South Korean filmmaker Park Chan-wook is famous for producing movies such as ‘Lady Vengeance’, ‘The Handmaiden’ and ‘Oldboy’. Alongside the video is supplemental content, dubbed ‘Making of Park Chan-wook’s ‘Life is But a Dream’, also available to watch on the official Apple YouTube channel.

Apple regularly uploads ‘Shot on iPhone’ videos to showcase its latest flagship phone’s camera technology and features. The last one was a Chinese short film with director Zhang Meng at the helm.


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