Apple ruled by judge to pay $85M for infringing patent


A San Diego jury has recently ruled that Apple must cover infringement costs that total to $85M to WiLan, a patent holding company in Canada.

Apple ruled by judge to pay $85M for infringing patent

The patents infringed referred to downloading data and making phone calls simultaneously. In 2018, a jury agreed to the infringement case and penalized Apple $145M but a retrial was requested to reconsider the amount. Then in 2019, District Judge Dana Sabraw agreed that WiLan’s method for calculating royalties was flawed and set the compensation at $10M, or prepare for an extended trial.

Recently, the Canadian patent company released a new figure of $85M, which was gathered from the sales of the iPhone. In court, Apple argued that WiLan still hasn’t produced enough evidence to prove that it’s worthy of receiving the money.

Apple’s legal woes with WiLan began in 2010, when the firm claimed that the Cupertino-based company infringed on its patent regarding a Bluetooth-related product.

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