Apple schedules WWDC special event live stream on YouTube

Apple will stream the WWDC Keynote event on various platforms such as Apple website, Apple Developer website, and Apple’s official YouTube channel. Today Apple uploaded a WWDC Special Event video on the YouTube channel which is a reminder for the people who want to participate in the event.

WWDC Special Event Live Video

The YouTube users can set reminders for the main event that will happen on Monday 22 June, at 10.00 a.m. Pacific Time. The reminders that the users set will alert them before the start of the streaming and they will not miss the event.

Apple has uploaded this video in preparation for the main Keynote event. Apple will also stream this Keynote event on the official website. It will stream it on Apple TV via the Apple Events App. It will stream it on the Apple Developer website and Apple Developer App. It will give the Apple fans and developers more choice and multiple ways to watch the Keynote Event. 

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