Apple sends a response to senators who asked questions regarding privacy of the COVID-19 tools

Last week several US Senators questioned the privacy of the COVID-19 App. They also questioned the privacy of the website which Apple has developed together with White House Task Coronavirus Force, CDC, and FEMA. 

According to the report by Bloomberg, Apple answers all the questions in the PDF that was sent to the senators. Apple says that the app is built to protect the privacy of the users.

One of the questions that senators asked was to give details on Apple’s agreement with the state. The reply says that Apple agreed with the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health with HHS. Also, Apple made an agreement with the CDC for the development of the App.

Apple also clarified that the App does not collect any personal data from the users and also that the website and the APP are not subject to HIPPA rules and guidelines. Also, Apple clarified saying that the App and the website do not send the user’s response to the government organizations. 

Apple also clarified that it will not sell the data to any third party. Apple will also never use the data for any other purpose. The Senators sent their letters to Apple on April 3.

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