Apple has begun sending invites for a surprise media event, which will honor the best games and apps for the year. It’s set to go live on December 2, 4pm Eastern in New York City.

Apple Sends Out Invites for 'Favorite Games & Apps of 2019' Event

The details of the event is not fully fleshed out yet, and it’s the first time Apple will hold such a program. However, in a traditional sense Apple has been holding a year-end ‘favorite games & apps’ list on the first week of December. It seems that the Cupertino-based company will be celebrating that with a full awards ceremony.

The prestigious list is marked by outstanding content on categories such as TV shows, music, games, movies, podcasts and others. In 2018, Apple focused on apps and games that have made a mark globally.

The Pro Display and Mac Pro is expected to have a different reveal date, but other than that hardware refreshes for this year are highly unlikely.


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