Apple Shares Holiday Ad, ‘The Magic of Mini’

Apple has shared a new holiday ad titled ‘The Magic of Mini’ on its official YouTube channel.

The video is under three minutes long and features Tierra Whack. At the start, Tierra looks at a snowman statue and begins walking down a street with her AirPods, singing a tune. Her scarf seemingly gets longer as the ad progresses until she arrives home.

The Magic of Mini

Then, Tierra comes home and turns on her HomePod mini, to which a mini version of the rapper appears from behind the device. The mood becomes lighter and fun ensues.

Apple’s description for the video reads, ‘Turn up the holidays with HomePod Mini’ The music accompaniment are both from Tierra Whack, ‘Peppers and Onions’ and ‘Feel Good’.

Apple products such as the AirPods Pro and HomePods make an appearance in the holiday-themed video. It’s available to watch on Apple’s official YouTube channel and on its website. Currently, the ad already has more than 180,000 views.