Apple shares new ‘Apple at Work’ Video featuring The Underdogs

Apple has recently shared a new video from its Apple at Work series, highlighting its products and gear for a work at home environment.

The video features four characters from ‘The Underdog’ clip which was revealed in 2019. Instead of working in an office, the characters are shown to be working remotely amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

The clip goes to show how each character is experiencing challenges, such as not having a scanner and constant interruptions by family members and pets, among others. Prominently shown are various software such as iWork, Memoji and Notes document scanner.

The 7-minute video also touts Apple products such as the AirPods, iPad Pro, Macbook Pro and Apple Watch for productivity and creativity as the team manages a packaging project.

Apple’s video description states although the environment has changed, the deadlines, bosses and coworkers, as well as group chats, conference calls and meetings remain the same. You can watch ‘the whole working-from-home thing’ at the official Apple YouTube channel.

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