Apple shares updated App Store review guidelines

Apple informed its developers about the new release of App Store Review Guidelines. These guidelines are about the changes made in reviews; push notifications, spam, data collection and storage, and much more. 

With this new update, Apple adds a new content type to its Spam list. The store will not accept the Dating and fortune-telling apps until they provide “unique, high-quality experience.”  Also, according to the latest updates, Apple will not list the apps on the store, which help commit or attempt to commit crimes by helping users evade laws. 

Apple Shares Updated App Store Review Guidelines

No apps are allowed to send direct marketing messages, confidential information, or personal data using Push Notifications. Also, the developers of the apps must allow the users to select if they want to receive these notifications or not. 

There are also changes to the Apps which relate to banking, healthcare, financial, or air travel services. According to the new guidelines, an individual cannot submit such an app that requires sensitive data. Only a legal entity is allowed to submit these apps on the store. 

These new guidelines mean more strict rules that the developers will now have to follow. If they fail to follow these guidelines, they won’t get their apps up and running on the App store.

Apple also provided guidelines for Sign in with Apple in its latest iOS 13. It is a feature that is an alternative to Sign in with Google and Sign in with Facebook options.