Apple Shows Off The iPhone 11 Pro’s Cameras in a ‘Behind the Scenes’ Video


Apple has recently uploaded a video of the iPhone 11 Pro’s photographic prowess in a ‘behind the scenes’ video.

Apple Shows Off The iPhone 11 Pro's Cameras in a 'Behind the Scenes' Video

The footage highlights the photographic equipment that was used for the video, with a glimpse on how the creator, Justin Bettman utilized the iPhone’s camera technology. The first shots are ordinary until the moment the background is revealed. Justin takes the ‘bigger picture’ using the wide and ultra wide lenses.

Entitled ‘First Look- iPhone 11 Pro Triple Camera System’, the video shows surreal scenes and setups in unusual locations. There’s one where an astronaut gets ready in a shuttle-like box out on a street, and a train scene with two gentlemen with a forest backdrop. The last scene is an everyday contest with the desert as the background.

Photographs by the artist has been shared on Instagram and tout the iPhone 11 Pro’s new triple-lens camera system with telephoto, ultra wide and wide lenses.


Samantha Wiley

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