Apple soon to update Classroom and Schoolwork App adding new features for Distance-Learning

According to the latest reports by CNET, Apple will soon update several of its educational apps with new features. One of these apps is Schoolwork 2.0 for Mac and iPad. 

Apple wants the parents to get over the hurdles they are facing during this time to educate their children. With the new updates will let the teachers manage the handouts and assignments even more easily.

The Schoolwork 2.0 is an app that helps teachers and allows them to distribute the handouts and other notes to their students. It also allows them to assign different tasks and activities for the students. The teachers can view the student progress and also collaborate. 

Apple is also updating the Classroom App. It is an app for the iPad. Its purpose is to work as a teaching assistant. It has a feature that shares a student’s iPad screen to the teacher’s iPad. The screen can also be shared on classroom Apple TV. It also allows the sharing of files, documents, and more.

This app also features pinch-to-zoom functionality. It automatically syncs the Apple School Manager classes with temporary sessions and the teacher’s Apple ID.

CNET does not mention any specific date as to when Apple will update these apps.

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