Apple Stops Signing Several iOS Versions After iOS 13.1.2 Goes Public

Apple has phased out earlier iOS versions, notably iOS 13.1.1, iOS 13, and iOS 12.4.1 after iOS 13.1.2 was released on Monday. Stopped signage means these versions are no longer supported and thus, users won’t be able to downgrade to them. Currently, iOS 13.1 survives the signing update and may still be used in the meantime.

The phased-out signing is part of Apple’s way to encourage iOS users to update to the latest version. A short description of the stop-signed versions and what they do are as follows:

  • iOS 12.4.1 was an update to fix jailbreak issues in August.
  • iOS 13.1.2 largely addressed 3rd party keyboard permissions, Siri and battery drain issues.

The latest iOS available to the public is 13.1.2, but beta testers and developers can get the iOS 13.2, which contain an image processing system called Deep Fusion, which is designed to work with the iPhone 11 models.

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