Apple Store app has a new comparison tool and ‘For You’ tab


Apple users can now check the ‘For You’ tab to get shopping recommendations and tips.

Apple Store App

Apple has updated its Apple Store app to give users more information about the products they want. The new ‘For You’ tab shows a summary of devices, compatible accessories, Apple services and suggestions, including what gift cards could be bought in the Wallet app.

Furthermore, useful information is displayed when you get into the ‘devices’ section, including warranty and a link to Apple Support. Older devices will have a link that connects to the Apple Trade In program.

The "For You" Tab on Apple Store

The update also features a new tool that compares your current iPhone to the newest models. Details are shown on a side-by-side format so you can check and weigh in on the benefits you can get when you upgrade.

Recently, the Apple Store app was given Dark Mode and the ability to book an appointment via Shop with a Specialist. The update should be available to download today.

Apple Store on the iPhone 11
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