Apple stores in Germany will reopen next week

According to the latest report, Apple will now reopen its 15 retail stores in Germany next week on May 11. Apple stores have been closed all across the world due to the coronavirus outbreak. However, Apple has been gradually reopening stores in various parts of the world. Last month Apple reopened a store in South Korea, this week Apple reopened a store in Austria and Australia. 

Germany has lessened the effects of COVID-19 in their country. The country is now moving towards a slow decline in the number of cases being reported daily. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has now lifted off the lockdown slowly from various parts of the country, making it easy for retail stores to reopen and resume business.

Apple Stores

Apple will reopen its 15 stores in Germany on May 11 at 11:00 am. When the stores reopen, Apple will adhere to safety precautions for stopping the spread of coronavirus.

According to the report by 9to5mac, the stores will initially reopen for services and support. There will be reduced work hours for each store. The customers and the employees will wear masks inside the store. Temperature checks will be carried out before a customer enters the store. The store will be responsible to clean the devices daily. There will be no “Today at Apple” sessions.