Apple suppliers expect AirPods shipments to increase by 50% in 2020

According to the reports by DigiTimes, this year, Apple AirPods shipment to increase by 50%. It means the

Earlier, DigiTimes cited that, “Shipments of Apple’s AirPods can surge 50% this year to 90 million sets in 2020, according to sources at suppliers engaged in the supply chain.” 


The AirPods revenue falls into Apple’s “Wearables, Home, and Accessories” category. These are only the estimated figures. The 50% growth in the shipment this year means that there will be 90 million shipments of AirPods. This estimate comes from the research firm Strategy Analytics. However, it is not an official estimate, and many analysts dispute this figure. 

It doesn’t matter if the estimates are exact in numbers or not. One thing is clear that Apple’s AirPods are very popular. It is also clear that Apple’s wearables category is all set for a new all-time revenue record. 

Apple released its higher-end AirPods Pro last year in October. These AirPods also saw several improvements as compared to the previous models. A couple of days before Apple, it has also released a new Ad for its unique and improved upcoming AirPods Pro with two new features.

Seeing the Ad, it will not be wrong to say that the shipments and sales will increase not only this year by 50% but also next year. 

Currently, the AirPods Pro has a price tag of $249 in the USA, and the regular AirPods is available for $199 along with a wireless charging case.