Apple takes legal action against small company for ‘Pear Shaped’ logo

Apple has raised objections regarding a fruit-based logo trademark application.

Super Healthy Kids, a meal planning site for families and children were the target of an Apple complaint over the logo design of their spin-off app called Prepear. The tech giant has also demanded that the logo be changed.

Russell Monson, COO and co-founder of Prepear says the action is unwarranted and has posted a petition in and Instagram. The petition states that Apple has blocked small companies from having fruit-shaped logos even when they don’t look like Apple’s logo or anything to do with the business.

Monson mentioned that Apple’s legal action has cost them thousands and forced a layoff. The petition already has 12K signatures.

Prepear is a meal-planning app that allows users to organize and save recipes, create their own custom meal plans and a grocery list in one. It’s available on iOS and Android platforms.

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