Apple takes measures against apps accessing data from iOS clipboard in iOS 14


It was reported last week that TikTok had been accessing iOS Clipboard data, however, it has now been reported that there are more than 50 apps that have access to iOS clipboard and copy data without information. It is against the privacy of users that the apps have access to the contents of the clipboard.

iOS 14

In the latest update iPadOS and iOS 14 this fall, Apple has new features that will help users with privacy and will specifically increase user data privacy. One of the features that Apple brings into iOS 14 is the feature that will alert the users whenever an app tries to access data from the clipboard. It will help tell the users about those apps that can access their data in the background from the clipboard.

In March it was reported that TikTok frequently accessed the contents of the clipboard been when the app was in the background. TikTok said that it was an error that triggered that mechanism and now the mechanism has been rectified and removed. TikTok also said that it has now submitted the updated app on the App Store for approval.

The list of apps that access the user data includes several famous apps such as Zoosk, Wiebo, Fox News, Fruit Ninja, and more.

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