Apple Taps into Apple Store for faster product delivery

Apple intends to utilize its Apple Store to accelerate product shipment, as per Bloomberg.

Apple will be using retail locations instead of shipping direct from China or any of its warehouses to facilitate faster Apple product delivery.

Apple Store

The way it works is that the company will now see if the ordered product is in stock, then have it shipped within a network of 300 stores spread across Canada and the US.

This strategy will offer faster delivery time for consumers who live near stores than warehouses and distribution points.

It’s believed that some items will only take a day to be delivered after placing an order. Apple will be working with United Parcel Service and FedEx in Canada and US, respectively in terms of logistics.

Ship-from-store option may only be available to customers who live about a hundred miles from an Apple Store. The Cupertino-based company has begun testing since this year but it’s now expanded to most Canada and US retail locations.