Apple to celebrate International Women’s Day by highlighting female contributions


Apple has always celebrated international events with an innovative idea. This year the Women’s day on March 8 is also one of those events that Apple will celebrate uniquely. Apple will showcase the works by highlighting the Apps they have created, the TV shows and podcasts and many more made by female designers, developers and entrepreneurs. 

Apple to Celebrate International Women's Day by Highlighting Female Contributions

Today Apple announced its new initiative known as “She Creates” at Apple Stores. It is a series of more than 5000 sessions which will highlight female creators and celebrate their social, economic, cultural and political achievements. Users from all over the world can use their iPads, iPhones and Mac devices to join these live sessions and learn from inspiring females. 

Apple’s senior vice president of Retail + People, Deirdre O’Brien says that celebrating the women’s work and their contribution is very important to Apple. He also added that Apple is thrilled to celebrate the day with “She Creates” initiative and celebrate this special day. “It will bring these experiences to our stores so everyone can get inspiration by some of the world’s most passionate and innovative creators,” he added.

International Women's Day on iPhone

Besides the “She Creates” sessions at the Apple retail stores, every day in March, Apple will also highlight games and apps created by female developers and designers. They will use Game of The Day and App of The Day feature to do this. Apple also has special sections dedicated to women on Apple TV, which also highlight women who are playing a big part in movie and TV. 

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